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CAN a photograph really capture the unique nature of my child? Award-winning portrait painter and photographer, Linda Kessler, believes it can. For almost twenty-five years, Linda has been renowned for her stunning portraiture both on canvas and on film. She has photographed children and families all over the world, including Brazil, where her penetrating photographs won praise and critical acclaim. While her classical training and Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute formed her "artistic foundation," it was the birth of her own son, Ian, that brought home her personal interest in photographing pregnancy, babies, children and families for over 10 years.

Specializing in the various stages of development from pregnancy to childhood, Linda documents and photographs pregnant moms, childbirth, newborns, baby photography, children and families.

Linda prefers the classical approach. Her exquisite black and white and brilliant color photographs reflect the unique image and expressive personality of your child. Not posed, but happy and relaxed at play, the babies, children and families Linda photographs appear "caught in the moment" as if "suspended in time." This allows her photographs to capture the individual, personal glimpses that are distinctive to you and your child — those moments you wanted so often to photograph.

Linda puts a premium on the beauty of every photograph. Her stunning use of light bathes each pregnancy image with the glow of freshness and luminosity. She typically photographs in the comfort of your home, or on location, or both whichever you prefer. Her sessions usually last from 2 to 3 hours, depending on how many rolls of film she shoots, and can include partners, spouses, parents and pets.

Linda feels strongly that a child's portrait is "a visual biography... a record of childhood to remember always." Her commitment and artistry are reflected in her work — these are truly photographs for a lifetime. See Linda Kessler's complete bio.

"Linda Kessler is an admirable talent who has always been able to find the spiritual core of her subjects. She has a wonderfully quiet center that reaches out in a patient way to make contact. Her photographs bring out the best and enlighten all that is good and right in a beautiful world that too often is viewed through a dark prism. Very few have the native intelligence to appreciate the difference and Linda Kessler definitely knows the difference."
Eli Reed
Magnum Photos