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A Day in the Life – Brooklyn
Crown Heights
April 26, 2003

On April 26, 2003, I was one of 200 photographers selected to document the diversity of everyday life in Brooklyn. Each photographer was assigned a specific neighborhood of the fifth largest city in America. I was assigned to portray Crown Heights.

Originally known as Crow Hill until 1916, Crown Heights, a lower middle-class community, is located in central Brooklyn. A mix of African-Americans and Hasidic Jews, it has experienced tensions in the past including the 1991 Crown Heights riots. In recent years, the neighborhood has attracted a large number of immigrants from Haiti and the Caribbean.

To obtain personal closeness and tear down my own preconceived thoughts, I intended to reveal the beauty of the African American culture. In the early morning hours, still clad in pajamas, I was invited into their homes and playgrounds. In experiencing their family life and friendships, I found warmth, compassion, openness and a confirmation of truths that is all too vacant in the popular media. I was honored by their acceptance and energized by their spirit.

Linda Kessler