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>Fine Art Pregnancy, Baby, Children, Family Portrait Photographer - Linda Kessler - New York

Marrying her love of painting and photography, Linda Kessler has created a series of nine photographs with Polaroid film using the image transfer process. Image transfer is often described as a "crossover" art form, one that blurs the distinction between conventional photography and fine art, such as painting. Enjoying the whimsical results of image transfers, Ms. Kessler has created these spontaneous and abstract works, entitled "Summer", using a limited palette of yellows, greens and purples. Inspired by the purity and color of nature, she produced this series while on a grant in the Catskill Mountain region of New York State in the summer of 2003.

Each unique image can be printed on watercolor paper or traditional photographic paper at custom sizes, and may be purchased individually or as a series. A price list is provided upon request.