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Children's and Baby Photography
"As soon as she came to my home it felt as if I already knew her. She made both me and my children feel so comfortable. Those photographs were amazing. They all told a story and she was able to capture the most intimate emotions of what it feels like to hold a baby inside of you. Her images cause you to experience that subtle incline of amazement. Beauty is in every photograph. And every time you revisit the photographs you find something else that you love about them. Linda has an ability to capture true expression and a natural simplicity of real-life moments. She is able to capture the "feeling" of life. She has such care and thoughtfulness when taking photographs. Her photographs are timeless and I will cherish them forever. "
Anastasia Gavalas
Barefoot Wishes
Bridgehampton, New York
"wow again- your photos are truly beautiful! Some of them brought me to tears. Each image is so full of life and emotion — they really speak to you!"
Victoria Bakshi Yudis
Los Angeles, California
"… the photographs always take me back to a special time with our first baby! Thank you for capturing the warmth and beautiful bonding that occurs!"
Lori Beth Singer
Upper West Side, NYC
"The photos you took are by far my favorite shots of him.  You so accurately captured what he was really like as a busy little two year old.  I still find myself dragging out the proof sheets to try to remember him a bit smaller which means more and more to me as he turns into a big boy before my eyes."
Emily Williams
San Francisco, California
"Thank you for the beautiful photos. I love them!"
Kitahara Satomi
Gramercy Park, NYC
"I’d say while the baby may be used to getting her picture taken already, my husband and I can be shy in front of the camera. You really made us feel comfortable and I think the pictures show how much fun the whole shoot was!"
Jennifer Sonnenschein
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC
"You don't ‘take’ pictures, you share an experience. That comes across. You really like and respect children. Your love of children transcends biology in that you love all children, not just your own. You treat them with respect. When you photograph children, you enter their world. You don't take "pot shots" from outside, you come away with lovely representations of childhood and humanity." "Two humans, embracing, letting love flow between them, transcending age, family, race, clearing the path to seeing the emotion, form, the expression, the feeling. I'm talking feeling here, not necessarily logic or something that I can even always explain very well but that's when photography is at its best. When words can say it, let them. Sometimes a great photograph does what no other means of communication can do."
Bob Huss
New Jersey
"I just came across your web site, and had the enormous pleasure of looking at your portfolio. I was awestruck with your work, talent, energy, and emotion. Each photo I clicked on made me utter a spontaneously exclamation of how spectacular your work is. You have an amazing talent, and I couldn't help but write to tell you."
Dan Jaffe
Pittsburgh, PA

"just happened to be surfing the net with my eight week old baby boy on my lap, and came across your internet portfolio. your pictures of baby_photography (the only ones i looked at) are stunning and breathtaking. if I lived in the new york area, i'd be calling you up tomorrow! if you ever do shoots (?) on the west coast (bay area), would sure love to have you photograph my beautiful baby. (i know, i know. i'm sure you hear that all the time!) if not that, do you have any photo books of baby_photography? and either way, best of luck in your continued picture taking. what a way to make a living!!!

Jame Broome
San Francisco, CA

Your work is amazing! It’s almost one in the morning and I still had to go through each one of the beautiful portraits you have on your website. It is so lovely how you’ve managed to capture so much of the essence of each moment in your photographs. It’s so easy to make portraits look so canned and predictable. I love your style of documenting the moment rather than creating one.

With much admiration,
Maile Wilson
San Antonio, Texas

I feel like hiring you (if I could) to come to Brazil to take some photographs of us. One of the disadvantages of being married to a photographer is almost never having a photograph of the whole family. Your portraits are really outstanding. I am sure any other photographer could not capture better our history.

Valéria Galvão-Wasserman
Sao Paulo, Brazil